Q4 Newsletter

Dear GPS Foundation Supporter,

I hope this finds you well, and Happy New Year! I’d like to take a minute to update you on the GPS Foundation and our exciting progress from the past few months. As always, we are incredibly grateful for your support, and I hope that you will continue to support us in 2019. Your support has helped us change the lives of hundreds of kids from around the world!

Inner City Initiative - Partnership With America Soccer Foundation
This Fall, we partnered with America Soccer Foundation. ASF is a non-profit that is based in East Boston and was founded in 2010 by Victor Ortega. Victor offers free soccer training to kids from ages 8-12. Moreover, ASF serves predominantly disadvantaged children from families that have recently immigrated. In partnership with the GPS Foundation, ASF was able to participate in the New England Premiership. The GPS Foundation also provides ASF players and coaches with uniforms, equipment, and coaching development tools. The 2007 boys tied for third in the NEP with 6 wins and two losses. Finally, the 2006 boys won their league finishing also with 6 wins and 2 losses! We’re looking forward to watching their growth in 2019!

Developing Nations - Partnership With FC Toro
In August, Global Premier Soccer, and the GPS Foundation announced a partnership with FC Toro of Haiti which saw the club become a “Powered By GPS” club. As a result, players and coaches of FC Toro have access to new pathways including the GPS National Teams and FC Bayern ID Programs, as well as educational opportunities outside of Haiti. The GPS Foundation will be providing support for a food program for malnourished players, while assisting with travel opportunities to allow FC Toro players to participate in GPS events as guests and for coaches to participate in coaching education programs with GPS.
In November, the GPS Foundation hosted three players (two boys and one girl) and two coaches from FC Toro. The three players participated in the GPS Thanksgiving Showcase and had great success. Furthermore, the GPS Foundation took the three players on tours of prep schools around New England. We are thrilled to announce that Guerline Guerrier was offered a full scholarship to Kimball Union Academy! Furthermore, the two coaches were able to travel with me to the Annual GPS Staff Retreat.
Check out a recap from the week, below

Along with the GPS Thanksgiving Showcase, six players of FC Toro traveled to compete in the Disney Soccer Showcase in Orlando, Florida. Paul Fritz of FC Toro scored 3 goals which were all assisted by Cima Molensky. Cima scored 2 goals himself! I’d like to congratulate these six players and thank the 2001s for having them!

GPS Foundation Second Annual Fall/Winter Sweepstakes
As of last week, our second annual GPS Foundation Fall/Winter Sweepstakes ended. Thanks to your support, we were able to raise over $40,000. Although we did not meet our goal of $100,000, this money will help us continue our work and help change kids’ lives. Congrats to the top fundraiser, Aiden A of GPS Orange County! Aiden raised $1,605 and won a new XBOX One! Also, I’d like to congratulate Jacob Westadt for winning the Sweepstakes Grand Prize which is a trip to any Fairmont Worldwide. We hope you enjoy your trip, Jacob!

Day Of Service
Earlier this Fall, the GPS Foundation organized and participated in a Day Of Service with GPS MA. As part of this program, I established a relationship with Horizons For Homeless Children. Horizons looks to improve the lives of young homeless children in Massachusetts and help their families succeed by providing high-quality early education, opportunities for play, and comprehensive family support services. At this year’s Day Of Service, the GPS Foundation and GPS MA staff were asked to procure various items that are beneficial to Horizons and the children such as toys, arts & crafts, and cleaning supplies. Our combined effort allowed us to procure over 150 sets of gifts for Horizons! Finally, we also organized over 1,000 pieces of uniforms that we collected during our annual Giveback Program. Check out a video from our second annual Day Of Service!

I am incredibly excited to announce our most recent update. The GPS Foundation has been awarded a grant by the United Soccer Coaches Foundation. More specifically, we have been selected as a 2019 awardee for a Host-A-Course grant. In late January, I will be traveling to Haiti along with two United Soccer Coaches instructors, 3 GPS coaches, and 3 GPS Foundation staff members. We will deliver a series of free programs to the soccer community in Port Au Prince including an FC Bayern ID event for u11 and u12 players, GPS National Team clinics for u13 - u18 players, an education seminar with Global Premier Scholarships, and an 11 v 11 coaching course for 50 Haitian coaches.

We are also looking forward to our February International Volunteer trip to a Maasai village in Kenya. On this trip, 36 GPS players, parents, and friends, along with two GPS Foundation staff members will build a soccer pitch in a remote village and then run a free clinic for local village children. Thanks to support from our partners at WeGotSoccer.com, we will leave the community with plenty of new equipment for them to enjoy the beautiful game on their new field.

Again, I want to personally thank you for supporting our efforts in 2018. We are changing players’ and coaches’ lives by creating new opportunities and pathways for them both on the fields and in the classrooms. Please help us impact more deserving kids’ lives this year by making an additional contribution.


Steve Schechter,
Executive Director
GPS Foundation

Thank you to our sponsors

GPS Foundation Second Annual Fall Sweepstakes Raises Over $40,000

The GPS Foundation is proud to announce that our Second Annual Fall Sweepstakes raised more than $40,000! We are incredibly thankful for your support. Although we did not reach our goal of $100,000, these funds will help change kids’ lives around the world by feeding them, by providing access to educational opportunities, and by helping them partake in the beautiful game of soccer. We’d like to take a moment to congratulate the top fundraisers. We are incredibly grateful and proud for their passion to help others who are less fortunate than themselves.

  1. Aiden A. - GPS Orange County - $1,605

  2. Brendon A - GPS Orange County - $1,005

  3. Aiden D - GPS MA - $950

  4. Alexios H - GPS MA - $500

  5. Kara J - GPS MA - $400

  6. Zack S - GPS MA - $375

  7. Huy H - GPS MA - $370

  8. Henry T - GPS MA -$367.50

  9. Noah T - GPS MA - $367.50

  10. James K - GPS MA - $320

Congratulations as well to the Sweepstakes Drawing Grand Prize Winner Jacob W! Jacob has won a trip to any Fairmont Worldwide, valued at over $4,000 We hope you enjoy your trip, Jacob!

GPS Foundation Second Annual Fall Sweepstakes


The GPS Foundation has just launched its second annual Fall Sweepstakes! The Fall Sweepstakes will raise critical funds to support our three initiatives: 

  • GPS Foundation Financial Aid Fund (grants to support GPS players to participate in events)

  • Developing Nations Projects (food program for malnourished players, academic scholarships, and player pathways and coaching education)

  • Soccer and Education (after school academic enrichment programs)

    Players who raise the most money can win exciting prizes like a 2018/19 signed Joshua Kimmich FC Bayern Munich Jersey, a XBOX ONE, a Best Buy gift card, and many more! The drawing prizes include a $4,000 trip Grand Prize, Best Buy Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, and many more.

    Please consider purchasing tickets to help us raise these funds to support educational and soccer playing opportunities for kids in developing nations and underserved communities in the U.S.


GPS MA And GPS Foundation Day Of Service

On Wednesday 10/10, the GPS Massachusetts staff partook in the second annual GPS Foundation Day Of Service. This year, the foundation and club offered their support to Horizons For Homeless Children. Horizons looks to improve the lives of young homeless children in Massachusetts and help their families succeed by providing high-quality early education, opportunities for play, and comprehensive family support services. At the Day Of Service this year, staff were asked to procure various items that are beneficial to Horizons and the children such as arts & crafts, cleaning supplies, and toys. The GPS staff and GPS Foundation staff procured over 150 gifts for Horizons! Lastly, the GPS MA staff sorted and organized over 1,000 pieces of uniforms that were collected in this year’s Giveback Program. Check out a video from our second annual Day Of Service below!

Press Release: GPS and The GPS Foundation Announce Relationship With FC Toro of Haiti



August 16th Waltham, MA, 2018; Global Premier Soccer (GPS) and The GPS Foundation are pleased to announce a partnership with Football Club Toro (FC TORO) which will see the Haitian club become a “Powered by GPS” club.

The partnership will take effect immediately and will see FC TORO players and coaches have access to new pathways including the GPS National Teams and FC Bayern ID program as well as educational pathways inside and outside of Haiti.

The GPS Foundation will provide support for a food program for malnourished players and educational support for some FC TORO players. Additionally, the GPS Foundation will assist with travel opportunities to allow players to participate in GPS events as guests and for coaches to participate in a variety of coaching education programs with GPS.

“We are thrilled to partner with, and support the players and coaches at FC Toro,” says Steve Schechter, executive director of the GPS Foundation.  “The GPS Foundation is committed to creating educational and soccer playing opportunities for deserving children in need of assistance. FC Toro is comprised of like minded management focused on providing the highest quality experience and development opportunity for its players, and we are excited to help them grow.”

FC TORO was founded on September 1st, 2012 and has since become one of the top clubs in Haiti offering programming to over 300 boys and girls aged 5 to 18. This includes almost 100 sponsored children. Their teams are highly competitive and the 2018/19 season will see the maiden season for their Men’s U19 team.

“This is a unique opportunity not only for FC TORO but for the talented youth of Haïti and for our national sport!”, said Patrick Bonnefil founder and general manager of FC TORO. “Together we hope to develop this partnership in ways that will be mutually beneficial and target those that stand to benefit the most from it. With the added support of the GPS Foundation, this overall package gives our country and our youth a chance to shine!”

Founded in 2001, GPS is one of the largest and most successful soccer organization in the United States. Its mission is to establish a unique player development model in the US and produce players who can compete at the highest level of world soccer.

GPS is the Official North American partner of German giants FC Bayern Munich. Extended in 2017, the extensive agreement is one of the most unique European Club partnerships ever developed in the United States which includes five annual visits from FC Bayern coaches to the US, monthly conference calls, and curriculum support from the club that developed World Cup Winner such as Philipp Lahm and Thomas Mueller amongst others.

For more information on FC TORO, please visit their website HERE.

For more information on the partnership please contact Andy Prosser at aprosser@globalpremiersoccer.com and for more information on the GPS Foundation please contact steve@gps-foundation.org.

Q2 Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter


Dear GPS Foundation Supporter,

I hope this finds you doing well.  I am touching base to give you an update on the GPS Foundation and the progress we have made in recent months. We are deeply grateful for the support you have given recently, and I am hoping that you will be able to support us again in 2018. Your support has brought joy and opportunity into kids’ lives! 

Recently, I traveled to Haiti meeting with other soccer organizations and philanthropists with the hope of delivering life changing positive impact on the lives of thousands of young players with the most profound needs. We are pleased to report that GPS Haiti is coming soon!

See below some recent highlights on the work we have been doing and thank you again for the support you have provided to make these initiatives possible.


Steve Schechter,
Executive Director
GPS Foundation


Malawi Children's Mission Partnership


This month GPS Foundation provided curriculum support, soccer equipment, malaria nets provided to the Malawi Children’s Mission to support a youth soccer program with more than 100 kids in orphanages in Malawi along with life saving malaria bed nets.  


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Developing Nations

-  Free clinic run in Haiti that served 150 players (boys and girls) along with 400 meals and equipment (new and used balls, cleats, shirts. Over 1,000 items distributed). We also ran a coaching education session. 

-  Fully funded travel and playing opportunities for 5 Haitian players to come to play with GPS teams in North America (week long visits with training and tournament). 

-  Fully funded month long visit for a Haitian coach for coaching education. 

-  Establishment of an International Volunteer Program which will involve an annual trip with GPS players, families and coaches to a developing nation to build a pitch and run a free clinic for local children. First trip in February 2019 to Kenya. 

Education and Soccer and Inner City Initiatives

-  Financial support to after school academic and soccer enrichment program with FIFA endorsement. Our support this year has funded the full participation of 3 children in Project Goal’s program. 

-   New partnership to support America Soccer Foundation to create playing opportunities and pathways to recent immigrant and underprivileged children in South Boston.

-  Free clinics run in Dorchester (inner city) public schools (see video below)

Scholarships and Grants

-  In 2018, the GPS Foundation Financial Aid Fund has provided grants to provide funding for hotel and travel costs for tournaments to dozens of GPS players with very significant financial needs.


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Carolina Boys, Max and Nate Keller, Playing Their Part To Share The Beautiful Game

Max And Nate Keller, GPS Carolina

Max And Nate Keller, GPS Carolina

This month, Max and Nate Keller (GPS NASA ‘05 Maroon and GPS Carolina Elite) helped collect more than one hundred pairs of new and used cleats along with thirty new soccer balls to the GPS Foundation. This fantastic work was done as part of their Bar Mitzvah project in which the boys were responsible for doing a good deed or a charitable act. Inspired by their love for soccer, Max and Nate decided to collect cleats and balls which will be donated to kids who are in need of new equipment. In regards to their fantastic work, the boys said, “Although we didn't make our (lofty) goal, we are happy to have the number we reached. Thank you very much to all who helped us out. We are happy to know that these kids, who otherwise might not be able to play, can enjoy the game of soccer as much as we do.” Thank you to Max and Nate for their incredible work and for buying into the mission and vision of the GPS Foundation!

Malawi Children's Mission

This month, the GPS Foundation partnered with Cheryl Nelson, parent coordinator of the GPS MA Elite White 01 team, on her mission to the African nation of Malawi where the club tackled education, public health, and of course soccer.

Nelson works in the field of International Development in Medicine, and part of her advanced studies saw her travel to the nation of Malawi where she worked with the Malawi Children’s Mission.

Malawi Children’s Mission, MCM for short, is an orphanage that was founded in 2007. The focus of the organization is to not only provide basic necessities like food and shelter but also provide them with luxuries enjoyed by non-orphans. This is done with the purpose of showing the children that they have value and a bright future.

The GPS Foundation, intrigued and eager to help Nelson on her mission, put our full weight behind this important cause that aligns directly with our core mission.

Global Premier Soccer provided MCM with coaching curriculum, such as practice sessions and other helpful materials, in order for them to begin coordinating their own soccer program at the school. While they do have teachers who get the kids moving and participating in sports, they often have no formal training or experience teaching the game of soccer.

With the curriculum in place, the kids needed equipment to go out there and play their best. A few dozen soccer balls, a plethora of cones, t-shirts, and jerseys were donated to MCM. All of the items donated were brand new.

Nets were also donated to make their goals more functional. For a special treat, a tournament played between the MCM children and the Government School children was hosted on Malawi’s Day of Independence.

Sport was not the only focus of the mission however, as medical assistance was being provided by Nelson in addition to her regular volunteer work. We donated Malaria prevention bed nets for the children as well.

The GPS MA Elite 01 team, coached by GPS Foundation director Steve Schechter, gathered and donated children’s books for the MCM children. They went a step further by having each team member record themselves reading a book in English, so the children at MCM can learn English while reading along.

Juggle-A-Thon raises over $33,000 for GPS Haiti and Scholarship Fund

The first GPS Foundation Juggle-A-Thon ended during the last week of May, with every team across the GPS network participating and submitting their results.

With involvement being club wide, it has taken us a bit of time to compile all of the results but we have finally achieved it and we think you will be happy with what we have to share, because I can assure you we are!

In total Global Premier Soccer went on to raise $33,109! Half of the pot will go towards helping to establish GPS Haiti, a philanthropic endeavor close to the GPS Foundation’s heart, while the other half will be going into the GPS Foundation Scholarship Fund helping to provide assistance for those who may not have the financial stability to participate in all things GPS.

Coach Matt Hardiman set a wonderful example for the club, taking the Foundation’s mission to heart and imploring his teams to get active.

This nudge ensured that Matt’s programs would finish both 1 and 2 on the list of Top Fundraisers. The GPS MA DA 06 Boys raised a total of $9,310 while the GPS MA Elite Red 01 Boys team brought in another $1,528. Rounding out the Top 3 Fundraising teams was the GPS MA Metro Boston Elite Red 05 Boys.

Those Top 3 teams will all earn a $250 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings (or an equivalent chain restaurant) for their team to use. Not looking to leave out other teams who put in great fundraising efforts, any team who raised over $1,000 total will receive a $100 Domino’s (or an equivalent chain) Pizza Party for their squad.

With Matt’s DA team raising over $9,000, all spots in the Top 3 Individual Fundraisers category were filled with players from that squad. These are the highest fundraising individuals in order; Ryan MacDuff, Griffin Collins, and Ethan L’Italien. Each of those individuals will receive an Xbox1 video game console as well as a copy of FIFA 18.

In addition to fundraising, this event was also a fun way to find out who is the Juggling King/Queen of GPS. With a total of 209 juggles recorded, the undisputed Juggler of GPS is Lucy Harrison-Caldwell, of the GPS MA Elite Red 05 Girls.

Thank you to all of those who participated from coaches and players to the parents and friends who pledged money!

Make sure to stay tuned to our website and social media accounts, as well as those for the GPS Foundation, in order to stay up-to-date on all things GPS and all things GPS Foundation.

We hope to bring you more news on GPS Haiti soon!




Haitian Coach Travels to US on Educational Trip

Over the past year, GPS Foundation has made it their mission to expand their influence and presence in the nation of Haiti.

GPS Foundation’s core belief system revolves around using the world language that is soccer to create opportunities for individuals both abroad and here within the United States. The Foundation frequently travels to developing countries in order to host clinics in addition to helping to provide equipment and instruction that would otherwise be unobtainable.

Local coaches are not only invited to, but encouraged to, participate in the clinics with the hands-on experience on offer invaluable.

It was during one of these clinics in the Delmas section of Port Au Prince where Janvier Raynold was first noticed by Steve Schechter, Executive Director of GPS Foundation.

“I identified him out of about a dozen coaches participating and volunteering at the last clinic,” recalls Schechter. “I thought he connected really really well with the kids, provided good positive instruction, and I saw him as someone who has quite a bit of potential as a coach.”

Raynold was not a complete novice nor was he out of his depth when Schechter noticed him, as he is a coach for a very small soccer school in Haiti called Pyramide Football Club de Delmas.

Raynold’s clearly natural aptitude towards coaching was so impressive that Schechter decided to offer Raynold a chance of a lifetime; a month in the United States at GPS where he could shadow him.

“The objective (of GPS Foundation) is to provide an opportunity for someone who would otherwise have no access to it,” explains Schechter. “In this case it was not a playing opportunity but an educational one.”

Throughout his one month here, Schechter brought Raynold with him everywhere. Raynold would shadow him during his training sessions with his team. Schechter also took him to practices being conducted by experienced GPS coaches in order to expose him to slightly different variants of the GPS structure.

“The GPS sessions opened my eyes and will help make me a better coach during my sessions,” says Raynold. “I have already started to incorporate things that I learned, and I am passing on new knowledge to others at Pyramide.”

Raynold also joined Schechter in Philadelphia to attend the National Coaches Convention that was held in late January.

“I brought him to the National Coaches Convention in Philly where we spent 4 days watching on field sessions as well as participating in sessions inside the classroom,” says Schechter.

Raynold finished his trip in early February after travelling to the GPS Super Cup II event that was held in Orlando, Florida. The Super Cup event brought together the best GPS teams from across multiple regions for a highly competitive tournament and provided a wonderful opportunity for Raynold to observe and see how GPS coaches handled their in-game management.

The trip was undoubtedly a success, and is something that Schechter hopes to replicate in the future.

“This is going to be an ongoing endeavor,” says Schechter. “It is my hope, and I’d imagine his hope, that he could be heavily involved when we expand our presence in Haiti.”

The GPS Super Cup II had more than one special guest in attendance, as Raynold’s fellow countrymen, Alexandro Joseph and Patrick Excellent were also invited from Haiti to participate, but in a playing capacity.

A successful trip for Raynold, partnered with the success of both young Alexandro Joseph and Patrick Excellent, is a testament to the attention that GPS Foundation is paying towards Haiti as well as a testament to the talent that resides in the area that only needs the right opportunity to grow.

“I am forever grateful to my new friend Steve Schechter and the GPS Foundation for seeing something in me and giving me this opportunity,” says Raynold of the experience. “It was also exciting to meet Peter and Joe Bradley and to see that they want to help grow the game and bring GPS to Haiti."