GPS Foundation exists to create opportunities for kids both in the US and abroad. Through soccer, we bring the joys and learning that come along with the most beautiful game.  We build relationships with children, families, and communities in a relentless campaign to enrich young people’s lives as students, athletes, and future leaders.

Why we do what we do

By introducing kids to soccer and creating opportunities for them to play, we facilitate vital development in young people’s lives. Soccer helps in the fight against childhood obesity, while developing overall physical and mental health. Playing within a team, encourages kids to develop leadership as well as collaboration skills. The game itself teaches the important skill of celebrating success honorably and coping with failure. Most importantly, we bring the game to underserved communities and underprivileged children to bring more joy into their lives.

GPS Foundation also leverages soccer as a tool to help students achieve more in the classroom. Through our partnership with Project Goal and others, we combine classroom learning and more individual instruction with the beautiful game to enhance kids’ study skills and their overall success.

Our Organization

 GPS Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization based in Waltham MA. The foundation was born out of Global Premier Soccer’s commitment to enriching kids’ lives regardless of socio-economic and other barriers.

We are located at:

GPS Foundation

85 Central Street

Waltham, MA 02453

Contact us at 781-891-6900


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Our Executive Director is Steve Schechter. Steve has spent his entire career teaching, coaching, and mentoring young people through the game of soccer. He continues to coach both prep school and GPS teams, while also enjoying travel to developing nations to work with kids.

Alongside Steve, the GPS Foundation Board features many local professionals and sporting executives.